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Through a sample argumentative essay, you can get quality tips on how to compose a paper on your own. Go through this article to learn about where to find assistance and also read examples of topics.

Get Help in Writing Your Essay Outline Sample

Argumentative essays are usually a common assignment across many academic programs. They are a type of paper whereby the author is supposed to use facts and sound arguments to convince the reader into accepting a certain viewpoint. While writing, the author needs to give a balanced analysis of both sides within an argument then settle on a particular viewpoint.
While reading a quality essay sample, you will notice that the main elements within an argumentative essay are as follows:
This is the chosen position of the writer that he or she needs to persuade others to accept.
These are the facts the author uses to cement his or her ideas. A writer can use external sources of information as well as examples. Giving citations for each source used is important.
Counter Arguments
These are the opposing views of the writer’s position. A writer needs to state why such arguments are false also through using evidence.

How to Use a Sample College Essay to Write a Quality Paper

While going through a graduate school essay sample, there are some important steps you need to observe. You can make use of sample essay outlines for further guidance. Likewise, you can utilize an essay introduction sample. They all help in ensuring that your audience is fully convinced and understands the issue. The essay can be broken down into four segments, i.e. introduction, body, conclusions & citations.
In the introduction, you need to introduce your thesis statement. This is a sentence that informs the reader about the topic of your paper and its main objectives. It is supposed to be succinctly stated.
Within the body, you are supposed to discuss all your arguments. Use as many facts, statistics, and examples as possible to enhance your credibility and convince the readers further. All body paragraphs should start with the topic sentence that drives the remainder of the paragraph. It should also relate to the thesis statement.
Make use of transition statements between paragraphs to enhance a good flow of ideas. Do not forget to include in-text citation adequately formatted as per your chosen writing style.
Your conclusion should wrap up all your evidence as well as arguments. It should also call the reader towards your thesis statement. The reader should walk away having been convinced by your position. To get more insight, download the argumentative essay sample pdf.

Persuasive Essay Example On Happiness

Below is a graduate school essay example of happiness:
The debate about money and happiness has been ongoing for a long time. Some believe that more money means more happiness. People are often busy undertaking different tasks in pursuit of happiness. Shelter, food, clothing and other material things are only physical needs.
Those reliant on money shall always seek to get more of it and never get ultimate satisfaction. It is true that luxuries make people happy. However, the excitement that comes with monetary goods is temporary. Sometimes people with much money indulge in destructive things trying to fill a void in their lives. Others have less money and might not attain the luxuries enjoyed by the rich. However, they have learned to find sources of happiness that are not necessarily financial.
This shows that even though money is important for physical needs, people should not over-rely on it as there are other sources of true happiness.